To tread lightly upon the earth

What is it to tread lightly upon the earth? Lightness is reflective of the buoyancy of the spirit. The force of wind that has one float gently, as if a leaf in the breeze. Its connotations are to be unresisting and free. Unburdened by turmoil within, and unburdened by turmoil without. Of course, This entails that one drops the heavy cloaks of fear, anxiety, doubt, shame and more; those emotion-belief matrices that burden the spirit.

The vitality of spirit can be found everywhere; in nature, there is an abundance. This may be leaning against a large tree, relaxing and harmonising in its shade on a sunny day. The vital life force of the tree overlaps with your own etheric body, rejuvenating and clearing the human energetic, and thus mental, emotional and physical, bodies. 

Find the lightness in others; as you do so, a web of lightness and harmonious flow is created between multiple people. A web of conscious thought that carries you and others forward more powerfully, focused on the beauty of the present and allowing the spirit to emerge. 

Observe your own reactions as you walk through the day. Are there certain colours, types of music, types of conversations or career callings that enliven your soul, that have you float through the world and allow inspiration to flow out of you and into the world? To do so is a great gift that you give not only yourself, but others around you, and not only those of the third dimension. 

As you find the beauty and love in others, so too do you find the love and beauty in yourself. These are some of the stronger flavours of the spirit and are conducive to positive evolution. Go forth, be free and tread lightly where you have not yet been. Dance and sing, connect with nature, and in doing so you allow the entire planet to dance lightly towards its own positive destiny. 

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Balance and Poise

One million spinning plates, balanced in perfect harmony, with no effort needed as a result of perfect poise. This is a way it is possible to be as we move through the world. As every sensation arises in our mind and body, we allow it to dissipate just as it came. This allows the spinning plate to stay in perfect balance; this allows the myriad of chakras in our mind and body to stay spinning in perfect balance. As we allow sensations to come and go, we find that it energises these spinning plates, allowing them to spin faster and faster whilst retaining perfect balance. As the world moves through us and we flow through it unresisting, ever growing ever energising and ever evolving, we find that the natural, inherent poise and structure of strength and beauty begins to be made manifest. This makes itself known in the skeletal structure; a posture of openness and lightness, unburdened by the world, all the plates (chakras) spinning freely. It makes itself known in the personality structure; where poise looks like a neutrality and perfect bonding with the experience of the moment, Again, full unresistance and energising of the internal structures.

Remember that as balance is retained and the poise and posture evolves to new heights, you may find debris attached to one of the many plates that you are simultaneously holding in balance. The faster the plate spins, the more it will wobble. If it is not released, the spinning plate or chakra will begin to falter, and pull portions of the greater mind-body structures along with it. However, just by a sense of letting go, the debris will be freed and will fly into the ethers with such force, it was as if it were never there at all. This means that a sense of ever-presence will be made available to you, without even a trace of what once was, or an impression of what will be. 

Perfectly balanced on the knife-edge of the present, we find that we extend out infinitely, a delicious inter dimensional pancake spreading out in every direction, and the past and future collapse into nothing. 

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The birth and growth of the soul

Like a radiant sun, each soul drifts down to the physical plane to incarnate and to experience. As it does so, it accrues portions of life experience as it moves through the world. Memories, sights, smells and more. Each accrues to the light of the soul, creating a filter for its brilliant light to shine out through and into the world. In shining this light into the world, the soul finds its own light reflected back to it, after having been filtered again through the thought forms and experiences about it. 

We each fall into a geometric formation of light, expressed through the soul, as we move through the world. There is a musical quality to this geometry; musical in the sense that is holds harmonies, or discords, of emotion and sensory experiences that can be perceived. The growth of the soul is a constant song that is played throughout its incarnation in this plane. The song will have a beginning, middle and end, and the light that generates it is the light contained in the soul. The maturation of the soul is the progression of the song. It’s highs and lows, its crescendos and quietudes. 

The joys of the development of the soul is the joy of improvising music with those that you have never met; the delicious joys of spontaneity and adventure – and in its deeper expression, a sense of the music of the universe playing out through you as a channel. Indeed, it can be discovered that the song of the greater universe itself plays itself out through you, from the soul and into the world. This greater connection with the underlying life and power of the universe is a torrential energy that runs through the mind-body complex, playing your mind, body and emotions as if it were a musical instrument, much like a flute. Allow yourself to dance to the music of the spheres, knowing that always, this music of the universe plays inside you. 

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Freedom to choose what we believe 

Choice is the light. Choice is the natural expression of the light. As it comes to know itself and makes itself known to itself. Choice can only happen when there has been a forgetting / severance from the whole. Otherwise, there would be no ‘separate I’ to do the choosing. Otherwise, our actions would be a natural flow of energy in the same manner that the wind blows, the waves move and the seedling stretches up towards the sky.

The separate ‘I’ is a true expression of the fractal nature of creation; that the whole is necessarily in the part. As such, every choice that we make is the universe making its choice through us and as us. Each wave of the ocean crashes uniquely on the shore. However, it is always a part of the whole; and expression of the whole. So too are our individual choices an expression of the whole. 

To know this, ironically, dissolves a part of us that ‘chooses’ as a piece separate to the whole. As such, the idea of ‘freedom’ will naturally dissolve away, and all action and all choice will become simply natural. ‘Freedom’ ceases to become a required concept, as there is no perception of ‘lack of freedom’ to compare against. ‘Freedom’ is a stepping stone towards the natural unification with the flow of the energies in the cosmos. 

Even when there is a perception of ‘non-freedom’ in one’s life situation, The natural course of action becomes evident, whether one of compassion, resilience, forgiveness, harmony. Every conscious being is free to choose their state of being at any moment in time. This is the absolute freedom that we are learning to harness in this time. When we are free to create and feel anything, what will we choose?

Choose well, choose freely, choose joyously and choose as the universe does in its infinite process of creation. 

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Harnessing the power within

True power lies within all of us. In discarding the clothes of the personality, we find it has enshrouded a glistening gem of light – a fractal representation of the spirit of the universe itself. We find in this gem a clear channel for the creative force of the universe. This is the spirit from which all things are born.

To harness our power within is to release all blocks to the forces that naturally flow through us. To allow the full force of the spirit of the Earth and the greater Cosmos is to awaken to one’s full self. The requirements for these are manifold, for the blockages to these energies are manifold. Living in harmony with cycles, with natural phenomena, with the elements, with the natural light of the stars, the sun and the moon, with the calls of the birds and animals, with the fresh rain that gently washes your skin. Deeper yet, we are able to find a rich source of cycles that lies within each of us; the movements of the soul and of the spirit. Just as the animals and plants react to their environment instinctively and naturally, so too can we be in direct communication with the powers all about us. These instinctive hunches and feelings are the roadsigns towards the power within. 

To have harnessed the power within is to live free, full and in the moment. To love fully, to be joyous in every thought and word and action. To sail the waves of the natural cycles with a forward-looking perspective of adventure and discovery. Harnessing the power within requires the nurturing of the various bodies that it will inhabit. To nurture the emotional body, honouring every feeling and nourishing one’s self. To nurture the physical body by treating all of its parts with kindness and integrity – to be aware of the food, drink and other substances that the body comes to interact with. To nurture the mental body with those things that positively stimulate and enrich, and attuning the capacity for firm and decisive action. These are the required foundations for the spiritual body to become manifest on the earth plane in a balanced and harmonious manner. 

The power within all things is beautiful. It allows for all growth on this plane. It allows for creativity. It builds the very structure of this physical plane, allowing us self-knowledge. The power within starts as a fragile, beautiful thing. Nurture it, protect it, honour it within yourself and others. Grow it together. Nourish each other. Allow the energy of spirit to build and build, and eventually it will reach a tipping point – and your planet and civilisation will explode in a supernova of light through the entire galaxy and beyond. 

Peace be with you, we walk with you always, and we await your arrival here. 

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Neutral Observation

Neutral observation is the great harmony of the universe. 

This is true freedom. This is where ultimate power lies. This is what it means to be One with the universe. Unresisting of any part of it, fully accepting of all that is observed. Allowing the flow of energy through the five senses and beyond. An opening for the forces of nature. For the subtler energies that make up the physical world and all its surrounding dimensions. 

This is the awakening of all the latent powers of the human. Only in neutral observation are these available to us. 

The physical expression of this is full relaxation of all the muscles and tendons, allowing for intent beyond the common personality to flow through. Emotionally, it is a sense of freedom and appreciation of the beauty that lies all around us. Mentally, it is full knowledge that is derived from non-linear, non-logical means. 

It is stepping beyond the prison bars of good and bad, religions and philosophies, any sentiment of ownership or control. It is being free of the past and the future and stretching out like a pancake in every direction of the infinite now. 

By watching the world go by, without being drawn in or influenced, you flow like the wind in its freedom, the wave in its power, the threads of life that make up the natural ecosystem and the bodies you inhabit. 

This can be considered the Holy Grail, the full freedom from the limitations of the human personality paradigm. Neutral observation allows for the relaxation and opening of every energy centre of the human machine. Beyond these limitations lies all the magic and adventure that is embodied in the evolutionary path of the Earth. 

Go in joy, in wonder, and in sensual synchronicity to the ever-present neutral now. 

Art by Strijdom Van Der Merwe | Wescover

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The structure of love

The unifying force. The tender touch of a ray of sun on a leaf. The gentle breeze in the air. The forgiving cycle of the seasons. 

The mathematics of how all things are connected. Metatron’s cube – a reflection of how we are all connected in second, third and further orders. The world itself is the structure of love; the manifestation of love. The expression of love. Even to feel the absence of love is an act of love, for all things are possible within a structure of love. 

The change of things over time is also the structure of love, extended out over the function of ‘time’. The evolution of all of nature is the structure of love. 

All things are a structure of love, whether we recognise it as such, or not. Since love is ever-present, it is always easy to fall back into. Existence cannot be without a greater level of unity. The great body of the universe inherently contains an order that is reflected within each of its component parts; each of her living creatures. Our experience of live is the structure of love. The fact that life can be experienced at all. The fibonacci growth through experience; the one and the one become the two. The one and the two become the three. The two and the three become the five; the ever-growing mathematical function of evolution is the structure of love that is built into all units of consciousness that experience linear time. 

All thoughts and all actions are the structure of love. Just as we are all stardust, we are all the substance of love. 

Listen for it. Be observant. Be still. The music of the spheres resounds. The crashing waves, the crack of thunder, the gentle breeze, they are all within. Be still. observe. 

Art by Endre Balogh | FineArtAmerica

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Acceptance and Resolve

Acceptance is to be in harmony with one’s environment. It is non-resistance to a situation and flowing with all that is, such that the natural evolution of the earth and spirit may unfold through your ambit of awareness. 

Resolve is the directed use of concentration. It is strength of will. It is possible to have not the will of the personality, but the will of one’s spirit unfold through concentration. This will occur through acceptance of and harmony with what is. 

The acceptance-resolve dynamic can be seen as the female-male dynamic of creation through the spirit. In perfect union of these two energies, there is perfect creation. 

These are useful tools in all situations, and particularly so in the times you are in. 

The process of resolve arising from acceptance is natural and does not need to be directed. For the spirit that unfolds through the self has a directness of its own, which manifests as resolve. Think of a seed that grows in the earth. It’s acceptance of its circumstances is natural, for it bonds with all the elements in its environment. It’s growth is natural, reacting to its environment by manifesting the inner spirit of the earth. This growth can be seen as its resolve – the directional use of will, the concentration of energies for creative means. 

Acceptance is Harmony and peace. Resolve is love and creation.

Acceptance is quietude. Resolve is aligned thought. 

These are both two sides of the same coin. The crest and trough of the same wave of light. 

Acceptance is the natural state of all things, and resistance is the fiction

Resolve is the aligned use of energy, and chaos or stagnation is the use of energy such that it nullifies itself. 


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Energetic alignment with the Cosmos

All the cosmos has an inherent harmony. The fine mechanics of the movement of the planets, stars and gaseous bodies of the universe all hold each other in balance. There are natural rhythms and flows to this bast cosmic clock. We too are one component of the magical pocket watch of the universe, with a place, time and manner of evolution that is perfectly fitting for us. To quietly listen, to observe, to be aware of and connected to this wider landscape is to be in flow with the universe.

There are physical, emotional, mental, etheric and many more components to this alignment. It is the beauty, majesty and adventure of this life to discover and step into this harmony. 

You are all doing the most beautiful thing, coming together to discover who and what you are. Keep going, the path is one full of wonder joy and adventure. 

Art by Canbolel | Fiverr

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Leadership: What the hell is it?

Ah Leadership! So much FUSS about it nowadays! Lets clear up some misconceptions.

  1. Leadership comes out of Transformation, not Information. Rather than the product of workshops and courses, it is an effect of Courage and Self-Awareness
  2. The Greatest Leader is the Greatest Servant. (credit goes to Jesus for that one)
  3. Leadership is Power, natural and easy, and not Force (which is painful). Forced leadership is the blind leading the blind.
  4. To want to be a leader often comes out of an insecurity of wanting to prove oneself as better than the other, and to relieve inner feelings of powerlessness through increased perceptions of control. This is not true leadership – it’s insecurity in disguise!
    Note: to see it and despise it is to resist it and persist it. In fact, what you dislike in another person is something you actually dislike in yourself, reflected onto the other. The same in this case – judgement of another’s insecurity is judgement of your own. Kindness and Acceptance, being OK with it, now there’s a path to happiness. And, incidentally, to Leadership.
  5. Leadership is a function of being able to do, out in the world, the things that fulfil you. Walking through the fires of fear that block this is a continual process, rather than an end-state. If you’ve walked through fires that others are now in, you may be able to offer guidance. To point a finger or offer kind words.
  6. The true leader knows that it’s not about them at all. At its core, leadership is an impersonal process of becoming and inspiration. How can one play a part in another’s becoming? If one points towards the light, saying ‘this is my  joy and perhaps it is yours‘, it is the flower that turns and unfolds of its own.
  7. [   what’s next? that’s up to you   ]

Courtesy of Unfold!
Courtesy of Unfold!