Sittin’ Remeniscin’ in Law Class

Okay so there are people all around me, typing furiously on laptops, and I’m sitting here zoning out in another world of youtube, reddit and blogs. and i think to myself, is anything really inherently boring? objectively boring? I don’t think it’s useful to think like that. and when I come from a place where I don’t need to think of something as boring, since I’m already here in a classroom listening to a lecturer talk, if I chose to listen, and actually engage without the prejudice of calling something boring or ‘not for me’, mebbe I’d gain something from it.

..Nahh who am I kidding, back to Reddit!

That feeling of impending doom that creeps up on me when i see all this examinable info wash past me? I’m a stronger man for staying grounded despite that. 


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