Livin’ swag

swag. some people got it, some people don’t. it’s easy to see, in their eyes and the way they stand, the way they walk and talk is so damn cool. I want swag, i can’t deny that. Why do we want want to be like them?


What is that anyway?

Maybe it’s holding yourself out there. focused intensely on something, enjoying and being relaxed. smiling to yourself. not necessarily outwardly, but definitely inwardly. knowing that what you’re doing is right, and the thought of buckling to someone or something else? that’s not even a possibility in your mind.

yeah, you’ve got the feels, you’re dancing in your chest, you’re hearing music all around you, and you stop listening and start hearing. you’re not holding ONTO something anymore, you’ve let go and your excitement is speeding you faster and faster towards.. something else, i dunno. but you’ve got swag doin it baby.

Go swag.

How do you get it? That’s the million dollar question. That’s the journey, and not the destination. All that jazz. Lemme kno once you’ve figured it out.

Rambling, OUT


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