Quora: In what ways could I lower my ego?

Wise old Deepak

Inspired by the question at http://www.quora.com/Life/In-what-ways-could-I-lower-my-ego

Ego is grounded in thought. And amazing as it may seem, we are more than our thought. We are bodies that respond to thought, for example. And, we are a sense of awareness that chooses to utilise the tool of thought.

‘What is the ego’ is one of the biggest questions on the planet – one interpretation, and the one i use quite often, is that it is a nebula or scaffold of beliefs, a whole construction of thoughts that has one thing in common; it seeks a sense of identity. That is its unifying principle.

But always, the ego is thought. It isn’t feeling, but thought. Even what it considers its victories – a trophy boyfriend or girlfriend, a lot of money, whatever – is grounded in the satisfaction of those specific beliefs/thoughts; ‘If i have a lot of money/beautiful boyfriend/girlfriend then i will be happy – I need a lot of money/that beautiful person!’

The solution is to dissolve egoic thought – meditation is a great way of doing this. In fact, it is perhaps the best way there is. It’s about changing your direction of focus. Fostering healthy thought.

It’s useful to deconstruct the initial question; The crux of what you’re asking, ‘how do I lower my ego’, is the idea of ‘how can I become truly happy? how can i become truly satisfied, fulfilled and joyous?’ The answer to this is to figure out what you truly want. Not what the ego wants – because many that have found financial riches have come to realise that they are still unhappy and hollow inside. To find what you truly want, it is necessary to center yourself. center in on what it feels like to be you, and that will guide you to a happier place.

There are a whole range of videos online that are useful to this end; here is a Q and A video i just saw, a man asking a Esther Hicks about meditating, and about a guided meditation that she has provided. It’s one of the best explanations I’ve come across.

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