You have to see with better eyes than that

It’s a line from the 1988 James Cameron movie The Abyss. “We all see what we want to see. Coffey looks and he sees Russians. He sees hate and fear. You have to look with better eyes than that.” It’s the one line that stood out of the movie so much, that it’s running through my head five days after I watched the movie. I can’t tell why it’s got such a grip on my mind, this line, but some part of me feels it’s a message I need right now.

How do we change the eyes that we see with? Does it have to do with what we identify with? Or what our goals are? Or something else? Who knows. But this reminds me of another movie I saw recently, the Aviator. Leo’s character slips into crazydom occasionally throughout the movie, muttering the same line over and over to himself, a line that a part of him knows to be important, but the necessary part of him isn’t absorbing. So it tries, again and again and again, this intuitive part of him, to drill this idea into him. it makes him look schitzoid and fraying at the edges, but eventually, it does its job. Repeat something long enough, and it looks like you’ll soak it into your soul.

You have to see with better eyes than that.

You have to see with better eyes than that.

I have to see with better eyes than these.

Better eyes than these.

Better eyes.


I feel like I’m bordering on insanity here, but at the same time I feel like I’m absorbing this piece of info in a very different way. throwing it at myself over and over again makes me see it from slightly different angles each time, if barely perceptible.

Better eyes.

Change your eyes

Grow your eyes

Grow my eyes.

Let my vision grow

Let it change

Let it grow

Let it go


There it is. Found the gem. Let it go.

I could go on about how great I think the idea of letting go is, but that’s not necessary in this space that I’m writing in. It’s changed from a space of inquiry into a space of appreciation. This message that my world keeps sending me, in different forms, is so damn good that I can’t help but be somehow happy that, even if it’s not me, there’s something out there always paying attention to me and shooting me these perfect messages that make me resonate like a bell.

But that said, it’s not the same message here. It’s got a different flavour this time. It’s about how releasing can change your perspective. I feel it’s releasing a sense of identity, specifically. Let go of who you think you are or should be. Let go of what you think you are. Don’t identify with the things that sap your energy. identify with the ideas that make you resonate and sing aloud, that’s the stuff that adventures are made of.


Over and out.


2 thoughts on “You have to see with better eyes than that

  1. Hey Konrad not sure if its okay with me commenting here (this blog seems private-ish? well- ‎personal) but I enjoyed this post for some reason. You should post stuff more regularly- it’s nice ‎to mull over some of your thoughts. Sorry if this is random but I was wondering about your ‎thoughts on how to get motivated and stay focused on tasks on hand… I’ve been struggling with ‎this a lot lately. Haha hope you have a good day :)‎

    1. Leah,

      I hope this response finds you in good health and better mood – sorry it’s 2 years late! There are a heap of things I can recommend for you – all centered around finding your most fulfilling values and activities in life. On that topic, I’d recommend the book The Values Factor, by John Dimartini, and if you’re into taking a course, The Landmark Forum (pricier than a book but some of the best value dollars I’ve ever spent).

      I feel it’s not about getting motivated – you can use a host of tricks and techniques to rewire yourself to love certain activities, but you don’t want to be motivated to go dig a hole and fill it up again over and over, because it’s just not fulfilling. Find the things that fulfil you, and create a life around that – most particularly if you can contribute to others’ wellbeing at the same time. So, I feel it’s about managing the times you’re feeling down – through diet, exercise(!!!) and socialising (with the right people), and fostering a focus on your highest values.

      Much love,


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