Being, doing or having anything you want

Imagine a reality where you can be, do or have anything you want, anything you can imagine. Anything that you’re excited about on a whim, can be a reality. Lets step into that reality for a moment, shall we?

It starts with permission. Allowing yourself to imagine the things that you would like in your life. It’s okay if they’re strange things that make you feel guilty or nervous – we’re not looking to make that exact thing that you want a reality in the way that you imagine it – what we’re doing is getting used to the GOOD feelings of what it is that you want. It’s about becoming acquainted with your own feelings of enjoyment and excitement, and giving ourselves permission to feel and follow these things.

So, now we’re in a space where we’re slowly giving ourselves more and more permission to follow our dreams and excitements. Next, we get a little more visual, auditory, olfactory, kinesthetic and otherwise sensory! See it! Feel it and imagine it! See, before we do it, we want to have the feeling that we’ve already achieved the dreams and things that we’ve wanted to. Feeling that feeling and enjoying it, that’s THE most powerful thing we can do to make that thing a reality! See, the world is an experiential one – we experience everything that the world has to offer, but we don’t have to be REACTIVE about it. We can be PROACTIVE about it! Imagine that! So, we’re working backwards here (actually, we’re working forwards, it’s just that we’ve been working backwards all our lives). We’re starting with the feeling, and working in towards the reality.

Now, we’re halfway there! Actually, we’re more than halfway there, because if the world is an experiential one, and we’re experiencing all of the feelings of the things we want, it’s basically only a formality that the world reflect what it is that we’re being and experiencing. So when we’re feeling the feeling of what it’s like to have achieved whatever it is that we want, then all that’s left is for this dense physical world to catch up! You’ve got to be understanding here, the world is a little dense and a little slow sometimes, not everything is as sharp and bright as you are, so you’ve got to be a little forgiving and accepting of that.

One thing that you’d want to remember here, though, is that it will feel STUPD to feel good about something that isn’t a reality. Of course it will, we’ve been doing it backwards all our lives so learning to feel good is going to be a little clumsy and feel unnatural for some of us. There won’t be a whole world of myth and experience backing up this new story, this new narrative that we’re writing up about ourselves and our world. This is where COURAGE comes in. Be BRAVE enough to feel stupid sometimes, and be wise enough to know that feeling stupid is natural when you’re learning. All kids are slightly retarded when the first learn to write, with their unsure, wobbly lines and backwards a’s. But in the end, it’s these slightly retarded kids that grow up to be the Ralph Waldo Emersons, Roald Dahls, Shakespeares and JK Rowlings of the world. Just don’t focus on that feeling of stupid. Why would you? Out of habit, that’s why. Your life is too precious and has too much potential to be feeling unhappy, stuck or stupid all the time! Take the plunge!

It’s Free, No Risk. 100% money back guarantee.


Feel it, See it, Be it.

Love it.

And the world will catch up.


Over and out


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One thought on “Being, doing or having anything you want

  1. Thought about writing this for a very long time. Feel pretty silly doing this but don’t really know how else to convey how I’ve been feeling for the past year.
    I guess that seeing others experience the normality that comes with a real life relationship makes me wish things were different.
    Why couldn’t I have what he/she has? How do I even know if this will work out in the end?
    I really wish I had someone who hugged me and told me everything was going to be ok when things were falling apart. Or even just having an argument instead of resorting to writing an anonymous post.
    Blind faith is a great thing but after almost a year and a half you can’t blame me for having severe doubts. How do you bridge the gap between virtual reality and reality?
    I agree there definitely is common ground but there are also several differences. From what I gather you seem to be an incredibly extraverted person and am guessing that your ability to connect with a myriad people is possibly one of your biggest strengths. Even though I wish I was more like you unfortunately I’m not. My preference has always been to stay within the confines of my comfort zone.
    Little differences like this could potentially become deal breakers. In reality eventually you uncover the differences and see one another’s imperfections. It doesn’t mean you stop caring but they become tests and only the ability to endure this ensures that a relationship will last.
    I know you’ve tried pretty hard to keep this going and am not trying to blame you but do you at least see why I might feel anger and pain.
    If the roles were reversed I wonder whether you would have held on for this long.
    Yep I’m still hanging in there but have no idea where to go from here.

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