A message from my Grandfather

See, I’m a story teller. But more than that, I’m a story-liver. We all are. We all write and rewrite the stories of our lives from moment to moment, and live out the story that we are telling ourselves. The specific memories that we choose to hold on to, who we identify as, what we ‘do’ in life – these are all stories that can, and do, change in a second from scene to scene of our lives.

One of the most powerful things that we can do to redirect our lives this moment is to look around us, rub out the unhelpful details of the story that we’ve written, and begin to carefully, lovingly, rewrite the story of our self. All it takes is a brush or two of the imagination, and bang you’re a new person.

The end goal of all of this is to not have a story at all, to be the process of pure creation as the story writes itself all in and around you (here we’re using story to dissolve story, ain’t that funny). But sometimes that seems like to big a step to jump. And here we are, knowing that that we can rewrite the story of our life, the story of yourself, and jump storybooks to the new realities that you’ve written up. Give it a shot. Why are you reading this right now? As you answer, look at the story that you’re telling yourself. It’s just one of an infinite possible perspectives that you can have. Why are you reading this right now? Are you on a study break? Are you procrastinating? Are you trawling the webpages for light hearted fun? Are you curious, bored or inspired? Is there an end goal to reading this, or are you doing it just for the experience here and now? What preconceptions do you have about what you’re reading now? Where in the story of your life are you right now?

Do you like where you are in the story of your life?

Here, let me try. Why am I writing this? Because I want to share? Because I want to process this new perspective that I’m only just able to grasp? Our personalities, our minds – they’re built up on these memory and identity structures that can change in an instant, with the force of a single thought! Perhaps this is a lot to chew on for me, and you’re helping me doing some of the chewing. In which case, thank you for joining me here at the shores of this new perspective. I sense there’s an exciting adventure ahead for us.

As a side note, let me add, that the stories that we tell ourselves embroider themselves into our very bodies. That tension in your shoulders or that stiffness in your back – that’s just the stories that you’ve been telling yourself made physical. Are you carrying too much emotional weight? Are you being a little inflexible with some of your day to day thoughts?

Rewriting the story of your life is a skill like any other, just a little more meta.


Running writing,



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