Inspired by the Gita

‘With things that are separate, the best is only so good. when all is one, the best is infinite’.

This thought is inspired by the words from the Baghavad Gita – ‘of all the ways to prevent lawlessness, I am punishment’. This is the character representing the embodyment of God speaking in this book, implying that punishment is the highest form of preventing lawlessness. Punishment does not seem ideal from my perspective as an ex-law student. Rehabilitation has always been seen as a better ideal. But the Character, Kṛṣṇa, seems right. in preventing lawlessness, punishment is the most immediately effective method. But in promoting social equality, happiness, and all the other ideals, rehabilitation seems far better. So, it’s about expanding perspectives here – viewing the problem of crime as one of happiness/satisfaction within society, rather than simply just the breaking of rules, we come to a more effective solution. So expansion is the key here. Seeing things as one rather than separate (e.g. social satisfaction/happiness and lawlessness being aspects of the same thing and not separate forces) is more effective in seeing the ‘truth’ of things.

Expanding horizons, expanding mind, expanding boundaries and finding new connections. Dissolving blockades, allowing flow, these are the ways to the infinite. Blocks reside in past depression and future anxiety, none are here in the present. because all is in fact one, and being here, now, and seeing this, you too become infinite. Rather, you identify with the infinite. Because being here and now, all of us are already infinite, but through our choices only experience finite-ness.

What a relief – we don’t need to try. Although we might not be able to see it, we’re already infinite.

In unity,



the Gita


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