Travelling lights


We are bright candles, are we not, shining our light upon the world as we travel through it. But just as we shine upon others, so too do they shine upon us. We mix our light with all those around us, creating harmonies and discords with people and places.

It is possible to make a rainbow with our surroundings no matter where in the world we are. However it may take seeing all the colours of the world, to know that where we are is always, inevitably perfect. Harmonies reside in all things, from the dusty Egyptian sands to the Amazon’s dark running waters.

Seeing the harmonies in all things is fuelled when our mind’s eyes are pried open by foreign winds at foreign shores filling our fiery souls with a hitherto unknown fixation and lustre.

The fire in our bellies are born anew, inspired by the spirit of travel.

When old ways are shed and new hues shine through to the few that always knew exactly who we were always going to be. Now in the light of our fuller selves we see the other as ‘me’.

As the heavy packs and awkward naps that fill our time through space,

bend our spines and twist our necks just a little out of place,

we see ourselves like we never have

and lighten up just a trace.



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