Leadership: What the hell is it?

Ah Leadership! So much FUSS about it nowadays! Lets clear up some misconceptions.

  1. Leadership comes out of Transformation, not Information. Rather than the product of workshops and courses, it is an effect of Courage and Self-Awareness
  2. The Greatest Leader is the Greatest Servant. (credit goes to Jesus for that one)
  3. Leadership is Power, natural and easy, and not Force (which is painful). Forced leadership is the blind leading the blind.
  4. To want to be a leader often comes out of an insecurity of wanting to prove oneself as better than the other, and to relieve inner feelings of powerlessness through increased perceptions of control. This is not true leadership – it’s insecurity in disguise!
    Note: to see it and despise it is to resist it and persist it. In fact, what you dislike in another person is something you actually dislike in yourself, reflected onto the other. The same in this case – judgement of another’s insecurity is judgement of your own. Kindness and Acceptance, being OK with it, now there’s a path to happiness. And, incidentally, to Leadership.
  5. Leadership is a function of being able to do, out in the world, the things that fulfil you. Walking through the fires of fear that block this is a continual process, rather than an end-state. If you’ve walked through fires that others are now in, you may be able to offer guidance. To point a finger or offer kind words.
  6. The true leader knows that it’s not about them at all. At its core, leadership is an impersonal process of becoming and inspiration. How can one play a part in another’s becoming? If one points towards the light, saying ‘this is my  joy and perhaps it is yours‘, it is the flower that turns and unfolds of its own.
  7. [   what’s next? that’s up to you   ]
Courtesy of www.fineartamerica.com Unfold!
Courtesy of http://www.fineartamerica.com Unfold!

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