Inspired by the Gita

‘With things that are separate, the best is only so good. when all is one, the best is infinite’.

This thought is inspired by the words from the Baghavad Gita – ‘of all the ways to prevent lawlessness, I am punishment’. This is the character representing the embodyment of God speaking in this book, implying that punishment is the highest form of preventing lawlessness. Punishment does not seem ideal from my perspective as an ex-law student. Rehabilitation has always been seen as a better ideal. But the Character, Kṛṣṇa, seems right. in preventing lawlessness, punishment is the most immediately effective method. But in promoting social equality, happiness, and all the other ideals, rehabilitation seems far better. So, it’s about expanding perspectives here – viewing the problem of crime as one of happiness/satisfaction within society, rather than simply just the breaking of rules, we come to a more effective solution. So expansion is the key here. Seeing things as one rather than separate (e.g. social satisfaction/happiness and lawlessness being aspects of the same thing and not separate forces) is more effective in seeing the ‘truth’ of things.

Expanding horizons, expanding mind, expanding boundaries and finding new connections. Dissolving blockades, allowing flow, these are the ways to the infinite. Blocks reside in past depression and future anxiety, none are here in the present. because all is in fact one, and being here, now, and seeing this, you too become infinite. Rather, you identify with the infinite. Because being here and now, all of us are already infinite, but through our choices only experience finite-ness.

What a relief – we don’t need to try. Although we might not be able to see it, we’re already infinite.

In unity,



the Gita

A message from my Grandfather

See, I’m a story teller. But more than that, I’m a story-liver. We all are. We all write and rewrite the stories of our lives from moment to moment, and live out the story that we are telling ourselves. The specific memories that we choose to hold on to, who we identify as, what we ‘do’ in life – these are all stories that can, and do, change in a second from scene to scene of our lives.

One of the most powerful things that we can do to redirect our lives this moment is to look around us, rub out the unhelpful details of the story that we’ve written, and begin to carefully, lovingly, rewrite the story of our self. All it takes is a brush or two of the imagination, and bang you’re a new person.

The end goal of all of this is to not have a story at all, to be the process of pure creation as the story writes itself all in and around you (here we’re using story to dissolve story, ain’t that funny). But sometimes that seems like to big a step to jump. And here we are, knowing that that we can rewrite the story of our life, the story of yourself, and jump storybooks to the new realities that you’ve written up. Give it a shot. Why are you reading this right now? As you answer, look at the story that you’re telling yourself. It’s just one of an infinite possible perspectives that you can have. Why are you reading this right now? Are you on a study break? Are you procrastinating? Are you trawling the webpages for light hearted fun? Are you curious, bored or inspired? Is there an end goal to reading this, or are you doing it just for the experience here and now? What preconceptions do you have about what you’re reading now? Where in the story of your life are you right now?

Do you like where you are in the story of your life?

Here, let me try. Why am I writing this? Because I want to share? Because I want to process this new perspective that I’m only just able to grasp? Our personalities, our minds – they’re built up on these memory and identity structures that can change in an instant, with the force of a single thought! Perhaps this is a lot to chew on for me, and you’re helping me doing some of the chewing. In which case, thank you for joining me here at the shores of this new perspective. I sense there’s an exciting adventure ahead for us.

As a side note, let me add, that the stories that we tell ourselves embroider themselves into our very bodies. That tension in your shoulders or that stiffness in your back – that’s just the stories that you’ve been telling yourself made physical. Are you carrying too much emotional weight? Are you being a little inflexible with some of your day to day thoughts?

Rewriting the story of your life is a skill like any other, just a little more meta.


Running writing,


Being, doing or having anything you want

Imagine a reality where you can be, do or have anything you want, anything you can imagine. Anything that you’re excited about on a whim, can be a reality. Lets step into that reality for a moment, shall we?

It starts with permission. Allowing yourself to imagine the things that you would like in your life. It’s okay if they’re strange things that make you feel guilty or nervous – we’re not looking to make that exact thing that you want a reality in the way that you imagine it – what we’re doing is getting used to the GOOD feelings of what it is that you want. It’s about becoming acquainted with your own feelings of enjoyment and excitement, and giving ourselves permission to feel and follow these things.

So, now we’re in a space where we’re slowly giving ourselves more and more permission to follow our dreams and excitements. Next, we get a little more visual, auditory, olfactory, kinesthetic and otherwise sensory! See it! Feel it and imagine it! See, before we do it, we want to have the feeling that we’ve already achieved the dreams and things that we’ve wanted to. Feeling that feeling and enjoying it, that’s THE most powerful thing we can do to make that thing a reality! See, the world is an experiential one – we experience everything that the world has to offer, but we don’t have to be REACTIVE about it. We can be PROACTIVE about it! Imagine that! So, we’re working backwards here (actually, we’re working forwards, it’s just that we’ve been working backwards all our lives). We’re starting with the feeling, and working in towards the reality.

Now, we’re halfway there! Actually, we’re more than halfway there, because if the world is an experiential one, and we’re experiencing all of the feelings of the things we want, it’s basically only a formality that the world reflect what it is that we’re being and experiencing. So when we’re feeling the feeling of what it’s like to have achieved whatever it is that we want, then all that’s left is for this dense physical world to catch up! You’ve got to be understanding here, the world is a little dense and a little slow sometimes, not everything is as sharp and bright as you are, so you’ve got to be a little forgiving and accepting of that.

One thing that you’d want to remember here, though, is that it will feel STUPD to feel good about something that isn’t a reality. Of course it will, we’ve been doing it backwards all our lives so learning to feel good is going to be a little clumsy and feel unnatural for some of us. There won’t be a whole world of myth and experience backing up this new story, this new narrative that we’re writing up about ourselves and our world. This is where COURAGE comes in. Be BRAVE enough to feel stupid sometimes, and be wise enough to know that feeling stupid is natural when you’re learning. All kids are slightly retarded when the first learn to write, with their unsure, wobbly lines and backwards a’s. But in the end, it’s these slightly retarded kids that grow up to be the Ralph Waldo Emersons, Roald Dahls, Shakespeares and JK Rowlings of the world. Just don’t focus on that feeling of stupid. Why would you? Out of habit, that’s why. Your life is too precious and has too much potential to be feeling unhappy, stuck or stupid all the time! Take the plunge!

It’s Free, No Risk. 100% money back guarantee.


Feel it, See it, Be it.

Love it.

And the world will catch up.


Over and out


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You have to see with better eyes than that

It’s a line from the 1988 James Cameron movie The Abyss. “We all see what we want to see. Coffey looks and he sees Russians. He sees hate and fear. You have to look with better eyes than that.” It’s the one line that stood out of the movie so much, that it’s running through my head five days after I watched the movie. I can’t tell why it’s got such a grip on my mind, this line, but some part of me feels it’s a message I need right now.

How do we change the eyes that we see with? Does it have to do with what we identify with? Or what our goals are? Or something else? Who knows. But this reminds me of another movie I saw recently, the Aviator. Leo’s character slips into crazydom occasionally throughout the movie, muttering the same line over and over to himself, a line that a part of him knows to be important, but the necessary part of him isn’t absorbing. So it tries, again and again and again, this intuitive part of him, to drill this idea into him. it makes him look schitzoid and fraying at the edges, but eventually, it does its job. Repeat something long enough, and it looks like you’ll soak it into your soul.

You have to see with better eyes than that.

You have to see with better eyes than that.

I have to see with better eyes than these.

Better eyes than these.

Better eyes.


I feel like I’m bordering on insanity here, but at the same time I feel like I’m absorbing this piece of info in a very different way. throwing it at myself over and over again makes me see it from slightly different angles each time, if barely perceptible.

Better eyes.

Change your eyes

Grow your eyes

Grow my eyes.

Let my vision grow

Let it change

Let it grow

Let it go


There it is. Found the gem. Let it go.

I could go on about how great I think the idea of letting go is, but that’s not necessary in this space that I’m writing in. It’s changed from a space of inquiry into a space of appreciation. This message that my world keeps sending me, in different forms, is so damn good that I can’t help but be somehow happy that, even if it’s not me, there’s something out there always paying attention to me and shooting me these perfect messages that make me resonate like a bell.

But that said, it’s not the same message here. It’s got a different flavour this time. It’s about how releasing can change your perspective. I feel it’s releasing a sense of identity, specifically. Let go of who you think you are or should be. Let go of what you think you are. Don’t identify with the things that sap your energy. identify with the ideas that make you resonate and sing aloud, that’s the stuff that adventures are made of.


Over and out.

A new era of smartphones

The future is here, hard. Our ideas of what phones are and must be are falling apart at the seams, being pushed outwards by an organic force that deconstructs, simplifies, and adjusts to the needs of the market. The consumer is slowly regaining threads of control within the corporate machinery that so heavily influences the world. The future is here.